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Creapure® Creatine Uptake System

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Creapure® Creatine Uptake System

The world's most effective Creatine in an improved delivery system.

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Creapure® Creatine Uptake System Fruit Punch 1680 g

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Creatine Monohydrate Free From Impurities & By-products!

Benefits of Creapure® Creatine;
Krebs cycle intermediataries for superior ATP synthesis!
• Increases strength endurance, concentartion, and recovery!
Enhanced volumization of your muscle cells!
• HPLC tested for purity!

Because creatine enhances performance, creatine has long been used in sports. The subject of more than 300 studies, it is one of the most thoroughly researched nutritional supplements on the market. In speed sports such as sprinting, football, rugby and martial arts as well as for intensive weight training of bodybuilders, taking creatine, even in the short term, significantly improves (up to 15%) maximal strength and endurance. Improvement can be as high as 20% for maximal strength in interval training; approximately 30% for power increase and energy release in short sprints; and up to 15% in training for repeated sprints.

A glass of cold water can contain harmful bacteria and germs although it looks no different from 100% pure water. And the same goes for creatine: a white powder that looks pure enough could in fact be inferior quality creatine, containing toxic, and therefore possibly harmful impurities.
Production conditions and the selection and handling of raw materials are critically important in determining the quality of creatine monohydrate. Inferior raw materials or a production process that is not continuously monitored leads to the presence of impurities such as creatinine, dicyandiamide and dihydrotriazine. Creatine is usually taken over extended periods, either with intermittent breaks or continuously. For this reason, the quality of the creatine should be an important consideration in selecting a product.
Creapure® is the premium brand of creatine worldwide, and meets high individual standards of quality, safety and effectiveness.

As Reflex® Nutrition see it, the only way to improve Creapure® was by providing a product that ensures both creatine uptake and the body’s energy cycle are optimized. They've done this by adding dextrose monohydrate, an ingredient which is proven by scientific studies to increase creatine uptake for superior results when compared to just creatine. They've also included malic acid and magnesium which supports energy production essential proper muscle performance and allows the body to produce ATP more efficiently. Furthermore, malic acid acts as a catalyst to the Krebs cycle where fats and glucose are converted into energy.
Creapure® Creatine Uptake System is easy to mix, great tasting and highly effective with all of the safety guarantees that naturally come with Creapure® creatine.