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Colostrum 120 Capsules

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Benefits of Colostrum;
• Found in the first milk of lactating mammals (within 24hrs of giving birth)!
• 35% IgG - Immunoglobulin content!
• Freeze dried Colostrum, so not damaged by spray drying!
• May boost immune function!

Colostrum, which is also called first milk, is one of the oldest and most exceptional foods that can be found in nature. It is as old as motherhood itself, for colostrum is milk of any mammalian in the first 24 hours after birth. The effective substances that are present in the first milk are found nowhere else in nature in such high, perfectly balanced concentrations as only nature can do. Colostrum is important for the nutrition, growth and development of newborn infants and contributes to the immunologic defense of the neonates.

Colostrum contains amino acids, the life supporting components of proteins required for cell metabolism and recovery. A deficiency in amino acids means disturbances in growth, delays in wound healing and inflammations, as well as a general weakness of the immune system.

Also present are immunoglobulins. These are of importance in the human organism for the prevention of, and the defence from, infections and are important in the inhibition of inflammations.
Studies have shown that Colostrum contains immune factors which may help to restore immune function.

Reflex® Nutrition's Colostrum capsules are made only from freeze dried Colostrum, not spray drying (which is damaging to Colostrum), and is standardised to contain 35% IgG.