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Flapjack+ Forest Berries 24 x 75 g

RRP: £28.99

Our Price: £21.99

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The PhD Approach To Quality On The Go Nutrition!

Flapjack+ Highlights:
• 19 g of protein per flapjack!
Low G.I. carbs & a great source of fibre!
• Low in saturated fats!
• Goodness of whoile oats & berries!
• Great tasting source of energy!

PhD Nutrition’s Flapjack+ are the final solution to the timeless conundrum of how to obtain quality food on the go.
Flapjack+ contains 19 grams of protein and features the versatile benefits of premium quality whey protein and nature’s own milk protein isolate.
Flapjack+ utilises the finest rolled and malted oats, without the high fat content of regular flapjacks, traditionally coated with margarine, vegetable oil and butter.
Flapjack+ contains less than 3 g of saturated fat per serving along with mouth-watering freeze-dried pieces of tangy forest berries and a delicious white chocolate flavour coating.
Flapjack+ by PhD Nutrition offers an absolute taste sensation and an ideal compliment to a healthy, athletic lifestyle.
Forget about flapjacks being a guilty pleasure, with PhD Nutrition's Flapjack+ they can now be both a pleasure and a healthy athletic snack for those interested in serious nutrition!